Month Year Thing done
July 2018 You are here :
July 2018 Summer GSR at UCSC
June 2018 Turn down more money (Internship) in favor of more work (GSR)
June 2018 Erm No, issues with reference to start date
May 2018 Erm No, the international department still has it
May 2018 Erm No, the grad department still has it
May 2018 Internship offer, but will I be a PhD student for that?
May 2018 Present work in front of Sponsors, sponsors happy
April 2018 Riverbed rescinds there offer, confusion, frustration
March 2018 Try to switch to PhD, delays are not denials
March 2018 Still a master’s student, TA for CMPS 182, partially funded by department, rare occaisons when economics in green
January 2018 People in SSRC convinced that I am human, we are best friends now
January 2018 TA for CMPS 5J now
September 2017 TA for CMPS 12A after initial scare of not getting a TA
September 2017 Take a class on non volatile memories with my advisor!
September 2017 Back to school! Start working on trace analysis
September 2017 After a succesful internship, get an offer to work full time!
June 2017 Great start to internship, great team, a lot of fun
March 2017 After 6 months of efforts leading to no internship, stumble into one at Riverbed!
March 2017 Formally join SSRC UCSC!
March 2017 It is spring and I am a TA for CMPS 10 and CMPS 5J because not enough people enrolled in CMPS 10 so double the work!
March 2017 It is spring and I am a TA for CMPS 10!
January 2017 Take Ethan Miller’s graduate Operating Systems
January 2017 New Year, New Me, Still no TA, tutored CMPS 10, graded CMPS 111
December 2016 After an excellent Distributed systems class, decide to focus on Systems
September 2016 No funding of TA, despair, tutoring CMPS 10 it is
September 2016 Arrive in Santa Cruz full of hope, and no clue, first time out of India
June 2016 Visa!
April 2016 UC Santa Cruz it is!
April 2016 UC Santa Cruz turns waitlist into accept
March 2016 NCSU it is!
March 2016 Gulp
March 2016 Rejects from Colorado, Utah, Irvine, San Diego, GeorgiaTech, Maryland, Minnesota
March 2016 Much
March 2016 3 admits and 1 waitlist out of 4 decisions, what could go wrong!
March 2016 UC Santa Cruz adds me to a waitlist
March 2016 ASU gives Software Engineering admit : thanks but no thanks!
February 2016 So does NC state!
January 2016 SUNY Buffalo agrees to take me in
December 2015 Applied to 11 Places for MS CS, each application is custom tuned and from hear. Spent tens of hours on each essay
September 2015 Pretty good performance in TOEFL, speaking scores lacklustre
August 2015 Excellent performance on GRE brings cheer
January 2015 Started working on grad school application
December 2014 Attend Scipy, discovering the wonders of conferences
December 2013 After good grades for the first time in decades years, realized that there might be something for me in CS
September 2013 Learnt about the world of academia outside India through Dr. Chuck’s History of internet course
September 2012 Started learning Spanish
August 2012 Started my undergrad in CE in an institute which will not be named for PR purposes
May 2012 Dissapointed everyone in the IIT entrance exams
May 2012 Dissapointed everyone in the entrance exams
May 2010 Dissapointed everyone in the board exams
June 2005 Entered middle school as a scrawny funny kid
May 1999 Ranked first in class, an achievement which would never be exceeded
June 1998 Started a bit more formal schooling
June 1996 Started formal Schooling
January 1994 Entry into this cold cruel world